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Fotos ECHT Pants

Our pants are developed by Peter and Jörg, they are hand-sown for you, with exceptional crafting.

-img-4076.jpeg dsc-7997.jpg

For our jeans and pants, Jörg wanted the most sturdy cotton and we choose one of the last guild clothing fabric weaver in Germany for the fabric production. Peter specializes in custom-made pants - that he crafts in his shop in Bavaria, Germany.  The 23oz per-square-yard 100% cotton is probably the most durable cotton fabric you will ever find. Do not mix up with denim, where decent quality lies around 14-18oz. Our heavy fabric, in the US called moleskin, is valued by German craftsmen since centuries as it weathers years of hard labor.  For the Jeans we cut the fabric "selvage", so that the woven seam is visible inside the legs.

Jörg and Peter designed six models, all custom made according to your specifications:


Moleskin Jeans 23oz Moleskin Selvage, six pockets, reinforcements

Journeyman Pants 23oz Moleskin, many useful pockets

Journeyman ½ Shorts, ends right above knee     

Wide Pants 23oz Moleskin, old-fashioned cut                        

Cargo ⅔ Shorts

under knee when flexed, many useful pockets           

Office Pants 23oz Moleskin. Also for after work, a modest appearance

Details of the custom-made ECHT Journeyman Moleskin Jeans:

 dsc-7965.jpgdsc-7939.jpg dsc-6992.jpg

Journeyman front pockets, leather reinforcement of your material and color of choice, stitch color contrast optional. Six pockets, with cell phone pocket. We cut the fabric along the weaving edge - so that you can see the selvedge inside (lower left - in red).

All the above can be made for males and females, see here Janice with her Office Pants: 

0.jpg 01.jpg

 04.jpg  02.jpg

All our 23oz Moleskin pants come in various fabric colors, stitch colors and leather details - according to your selection:

dsc-0233.jpg dsc-0263.jpg dsc-0735.jpg dsc-0737.jpg

 Any detail of our pants can be custom made. E.g., two clients wanted to have different back pocket designs for their ECHT Jeans:

 dsc-0728.jpg xdsc-0752.jpg

Peters guild clothing family business  was founded in 1927, he is one of the last specialists in hand crafted work gear that specialize in traditional German guild clothing. For crafting with this dense fabric, Peter uses his traditional Pfaff leather sewing machines; for the leather reinforcements around the pockets a Duerkopp-Adler. To translate your measurements for the ECHT custom-made service, CAD software and a plotter help, that also guarantee reproducibility of individual custom work.

Here some details that characterize all of the ECHT Pants:

 dsc-7998.jpg screen-shot-2017-07-09-at-19.05.04.png

You will receive a certificate, hand-signed by the craftsman, and inside the pants you will find the edition number and, if you like, your initials.

dsc-0250.jpg xdsc-6971.jpg dsc-6977.jpg xdsc-6963.jpg 

From upper right: the pants come with many pocket options, which can be leather reinforced. In the crotch area we feature vent openings, that are covered against views with a flap in the inside. This flap cushions the crotch area and acts with the holes as an "air pump" for ventilation at every step movement. A nail magnet can be stitched under a leather patch.

dsc-0244.jpg dsc-0252.jpg dsc-0731.jpg

From upper right: The legs can be measured to be folded up and the inside bottom seam can be leather reinforced. If you use them for work, a hammer loop can be practical. Optional small coin pocket.

   dsc-0744.jpg screen-shot-2017-07-09-at-20.08.26.png dsc-7973.jpg dsc-7935.jpg 

From upper right: Optional hidden cell phone pocket, within the cargo pocket. Optional knee pads, sown formed to the knee.

dsc-0262.jpg dsc-8006.jpg dsc-8004.jpg dsc-8005.jpg 

From upper right: The inner fabric can be doubled over seating area, inner knee reinforcement, pockets are sown very sturdy, the fabric for the pockets is extremely durable.

Details of the custom-made ECHT 1/2 Journeyman Shorts:

dsc-6908.jpgdsc-6915.jpgdsc-6931.jpg dsc-6949.jpg dsc-6956.jpg


Details of the ECHT Office Pants, note the optional buttons that are hand made from deer antler in Bavaria:

dsc-7009.jpg dsc-0749.jpg  

Details of the custom-made ECHT 3/4  Cargo Shorts:

dsc-7614.jpg dsc-7616.jpg

For a long use: Wash your pants cold and do not use a dryer. Refrain from washing to often, brush them and keep them hanging in fresh air over night.