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ECHT Experiences

Pittsburgh´s Mount Oliver Borough is a harsh environment. And it is home of ECHT in Pittsburgh, PA. This working class Borough, build on a hill above the old steel mills, has seen better times. The ECHT craftsmen are shaped here. We choose a tough environment, driven to master its mysteries and to crafting in an intense approach with reality, towards perfecting the development and fabrication of goods. We choose to help revitalizing an old American main street, to bring production and living back into the inner city. This spirit inspires us to constantly challenge the conventions of working and crafting.

Check out our ECHT Home. We are expanding our ECHT Catalog beyond enabling our clients to have goods custom-made, to have experiences in our ECHT shops and the coffee house. Check out

Find the construction site at 107 Penn Ave, in Pittsburgh, PA 15210.


Experience our shops. Immerse yourself into the world of ECHT craftsmen.

Join classes. We offer classes teaching you to forge your own metal piece, like forging friendship bands out of steel. Make your on regenerative cosmetics, your own cologne, or your own soap with specialists in our shops.

For visitors from outside we offer a tour of “our Pittsburgh”, experiences you can bring back with you.

We take you to international trips experiencing the countries of our associates, like Germany, Italy or Austria, with us and locals as guides, offering special experiences.

ECHT offers events. An invitation and RSVP is required. Some events focus simply on authentic food, some on bringing together creatives and like-minded. Our events include artist exhibitions; forums for craftsmen; craft-, design- and art discussions; business strategy deliberations; company promotions; and relaxation and joy.

We also offer individually catered events for clients looking for a unique venue showing a special aesthetics with genuine people.

Please, call us. We think that such arrangements can be better made on the phone. We are passionate to advise personally:  412-4786816