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Leather Tangibles

Phil learned the cobbler and orthopedic shoemaker crafting since 60 years and seeks to constantly refine his skills, he started a collaboration with Jorg on designing leather tangibles. Phil and Jorg´s carry-ons are hand made for everyday´s life, a long life. To become your companion. With each leather piece we analyze its utility to enable the desired functions, in a minimalist approach. Our goal is utilitarian, yet inspiring pieces that have a personality and that can become meaningful to you. Made using substantial vegetable tanned leather and good craftsmanship; no lining, no plastic, no glue. When ever it makes sense we sow by hand - as we believe that this enhances the intimacy between craftsmen, product and user. For goods that offer a rewarding relation to you. We seek for a personal relation in the crafting process: contact us for specifications and special ideas!

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