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Re-discovered Shop Furniture

For Jimmy, a master woodworker from Pittsburgh, wood is the most beautiful material to be creative. After establishing his own skateboard production that bases on wood carving, laminating and sanding for a material-challenging application, he added many skills and tools and hooked up with Jörg to make by hand hand one-of-a-kind pieces that honor the unique qualities of Pennsylvania wood. Reclaiming century-old ceiling rafters from former Pittsburgh industrial buildings, their line of useful items focuses on replicas of the shop furniture that masters traditionally build their own shops; with the initial ones found still in use since the 1890´s in Jörg´s stone carving shop in Pittsburgh. Jimmy loves to give wood another life while simultaneously adding a historic dimension to the shapes and surfaces.

All wood is carefully cleaned, cut and planed to the new shape. The old knots and former nail holes are still visible, to tell their story. The traditional oiling and waxing gives the new pieces a glow that is not possible with new wood, and a chance to evolve furtherAll joints are made with genuine methods, as done centuries ago. Many pieces benefit from Jimmy´s iron forging skills, as some functions were traditionally enabled by hand-forged elements.

All objects are custom-made by hand in our ECHT shops in Pittsburgh, PA - and of course you can check out the manufacturing process and add your ideas even while your pieces are being made. Contact us for dimensions, shapes and functions.

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