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Lath Items

Objects from Reclaimed Lath for Home and Office

-zwinecarrier6.jpg zappetizertrayc2.jpg zservingtray3.jpg zwinecarrier5.jpgCarsten, a master woodworker from Germany, established his shop in Pittsburgh for a line of useful items. He calls it "LongLath`Ting - made to last another life time". Using the skills of the trade, he transforms a simple material into something special for you.

“ … when I was a little boy, we didn’t have much money and very early I learned to build stuff myself. Along with the process of making things for me, family and friends came the understanding, when I just spend a couple more minutes, the result looks even nicer and lasts longer. Today, I still build a lot of items, and still feel the need to spend a little more time, than others might do. I believe, it's worth it. When I took down a wall in my house, it was the first time I got a pile of old lath from 1905, all in perfect conditions, aged and a wonderful material. So I started to bring it to new life. Even though lath is mostly made from yellow pine and therefore quite soft, due to it's process of aging, hidden in walls for a century, it has become an amazing material to work with. So strong, that I even made a serving tray and entrusted it, to bear our good china…”

The lath is carefully cleaned and planed all around. Just enough, so that some character of the old cuts, knots and former nail holes are still present and give it a unique character. All joints, like tung-and-groove,  are thoughtfully glued and cleaned, so you won't see any excess glue. For reinforcement, some joints are nailed as well, using genuine old nails that are as well over 110 years old. For that process, Carsten carefully pre-drills all holes - tight enough to not let the nails go. That ensures, that the old lath won’t be split by the nails. Some cracks, dents, nicks and scratches are not extra made for a distressed look. They came with the material and tell you about the wood´s past.

As a finish after multiple-grade sanding, Carsten uses chemical-free materials. All surfaces are treated with linseed oil, as it was used for centuries to protect wood from water and weather. He uses organic linseed oil that is truly boiled, not just a 'say-so' like on other products you might find. That boiling process keeps the oil from getting rancid and helps it to penetrate the wood even deeper. After drying, a last coat of self made Spoon-Butter is applied, a mixture of organic linseed oil and organic bees wax. This gives the rough wood a smoother finish and even more protection. In the first month of use, linseed oil has a distinctive odor, that will fade over time. That's simply the smell of centuries worth of experience in preserving wood.

Keep in mind, that all pieces are made by hand and right here in Pittsburgh, PA. Therefore, if you are looking for something in a slightly different way, other dimensions or shapes, we might be able to help you. Just let us know.

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