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Straightforward clothing - utalitarian and timeless. Re-invented pieces inspired by functional gear that was proven by time in Europe and the US, used by hard working guys before synthetics came up.

Our design approach is rooted in minimalism and ruled by function, for a reserved appearance. A no-frills design, yet inspired. We aim to learn from the evolution of functional clothing, to re-discover garments for you that are proven over centuries.                     

Sturdy pieces that are meant to age so beautifully that you probably never want to give them away.

Our clothing are custom made in collaboration with you. Authentic crafting, substantially-made, from genuine materials.

Simplicity can unleash potential: individual garments with a personality. Pieces that are meant to wear well and last - to age and live with you.        

To support our approach, we  offer repair service for you. So that your pieces can last a life-time.                                                       

Compagnions for your life: Wearing the scars of events they have been through with you, these garments will mold themself to you, reflect yourself. They become part of your life’s story.

We hope to tell a story and in turn learn yours: send us your photos of significant moments with your gear. When you send us your pieces for repairs include your story! We will tell ours.

We encourage collaboration and creativity: lets develop your gear together. Pick your pieces, we will custom adapt and make them for you.



















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