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About Echt

ECHT - A Curated Collection of Crafted Dry Goods and Clothing

Our Manifesto: Meaningful Goods, with a Personality. Goods that Offer a Rewarding Relation to You.

Mision statement: We seek refining  daily life, by delivering objects that are outstanding and ideas that extend beyond design and fashion. ECHT was founded to resonate with your imagination, and, in turn, be inspired by you. Many of our offerings include to custom-design and fabricate for you.

We are creative craftsmen, in Pittsburgh, the US and in Europe. We enjoy a life with persistent objects around us, which can be surprisingly simple but inspiring. For this, we rely on the best materials and methods. Our creative association reflects an industrious spirit, much like our home, Pittsburgh.

We appreciate things around us that have a story to tell. Goods that reveal their complexity and inner beauty, when considering their origin, design, fabrication, materials and surfaces. Learning from history and philosophy we strive inspiring simplicity, and yet to realize surprising features.

Our collection. Find straightforward objects for your daily life on our web catalog.  Individual pieces, hand- signed. Passionately build, precisely measured, each step inspected. If you like, we realize your expression for garments and home design, to make objects that can tell a story. 

Items in our collection are curated to do well, to last and to tell a story. Our products for your house, outerwear, body care, and your daily carry-ons are manufactured with authentic methods and using substantial materials.This includes sturdy leather, natural wool and hearty linen, solid steel, reclaimed wood, and polished glass. We finish with traditional, natural treatments, surfaces are developed to evolve over time.

The ECHT aesthetics. We like utilitarian products that are substantial - with a modest appeal. We also emphasize the beauty of functionality. Then, sturdiness and timelessness become important - and contemporary design and marketing have to step back. Overall, we believe in reducing the complexity of things and life, in an austere approach. Simplicity can unleash potential. Therefore, our design is rooted in minimalism and ruled by function - for a reserved appearance. A no-frills design, yet with inspiring details. 

How we curate. We believe the things around us should do well so that they can become mainstays throughout our lives. Echt is the German adjective that means authentic (crafting), substantial (materials), true (surfaces), a genuine approach: sincere and honest; certified. Right - all of our criteria in one word. Find items that were made with careful consideration of materials, their sources, methods, utility, function and form; with surfaces that will evolve. 

Our garments we re-establish classic pieces that working men respected over centuries, made with original crafting methods and materials.

Some of our surfaces appear rugged - that´s why they can age beautifully. Most of our hand crafted objects come in limited editions, if you like with your initials, and certified for you.

Our products are meant to age nicely. Some of our hand crafted objects come in limited editions, certified for you. Share the story around the objects, how they became yours! They are made for life, to be passed on. That's why we offer repair service. And to encourage life-long use, we offer a re-sale service.

The ECHT approach and values. The core objective of our work is relevance, originality, innovation and personality; hopefully resulting in a genuine and honest voice. Core values we promote in our production include trust, honesty and responsibility. Our main goal is to encourage potential— at home, with others, in life. We strive to develop a philosophy of life, social interactions and an approach to things around us that reflects what we wrote above.

Mixing business and ideals. We also value sustainability and support economically sustainable production. As a for-profit company, our philosophy mixes business and ideals. An interest is in Corporate Social Responsibility, which we believe is essential to promoting long-term, stable growth. 

The ECHT Shops in Pittsburgh. We promote urban manufacturing - right where you can visit custom-making for you. You can become a part of the process of crafting your goods - that have a personality, that age beautifully, that can mean something to you.

The ECHT Lounge in Pittsburgh, right with the shops.

Visit us - our lounge in Pittsburgh offers refreshing and hot beverages, snacks and food - that are made with the same approach, freshly, on site.



2634 South 18th Street Extension, Pittsburgh, PA, 15210